Staff Announcement: Ben Treviño Is the New Senior Program Director, Plus Meet New Hires 🎉

Hey everyone,

I’m writing to share an exciting update: after a nationwide search, Ben Treviño (he/him) is stepping in as the new Senior Program Director of the Network!

As many of you know, Ben has been an active volunteer with the Code for America Network and Brigade community. He was a member of Code for Hawaiʻi and served as a co-chair of the National Advisory Council. In 2018, Ben also participated in the Community Fellowship. Ben recently served as the Brigade Program Director and Interim Senior Program Director of the Network—but now it’s official!

I’m especially excited, and I know the national Network team is as well, to welcome Ben’s leadership. As the Senior Program Director of the Network, Ben will lead the Network’s model of partnership-first, human-centered, community-based transformation by supporting national staff and you, the members of this Network. Please join me in congratulating Ben!

I also wanted to take the opportunity to share that Evonne Silva (she/her) is our Vice President of Programs, a newly created role. Evonne joined Code for America over four years ago as the Senior Program Director for two portfolios, Criminal Justice and Workforce Development. In her time at Code for America, Evonne has been instrumental in helping the organization focus on transformative impact for communities most marginalized, harmed, and burdened by government services and systems that do not serve them. As the VP of Programs, Evonne will work directly with Ben to support and guide the Network in strategic decision-making and organizational alignment.

That’s not all. The national Network team has grown a lot in just the last few weeks with four new hires. Please join me in welcoming:

  • Jill Bjers (she/her), Senior Network Events Manager
  • Sung Kim (she/they), Associate Director of Communities of Practice
  • Gabrielle Solis (she/her), Senior Program Manager of Impact Sprints
  • Mellina Stoney (she/her) Senior Network Partnerships Manager

I’ve asked them all to share a little bit about themselves below.

In 2021, the Network community collaborated on the new vision for the Network, which determined the support volunteers need to make an impact in their communities. This year, the Network team is focusing on creating new resources and programs to provide that support. With this team in place, we’re going a long way to help meet the growing needs of our volunteer community.

Once again, welcome to our recent staff members—whether they’re new or stepping into new roles!

Can’t wait to see what we accomplish next,


Hello, everyone!

I’m the new Associate Director of Communities of Practices on the Network team. My focus is to foster learning communities across the Network. My day-to-day involves collaborating with volunteers to develop knowledge resources and creating skill-building opportunities for volunteers. I’m eager to learn more from network volunteers and brigades! Schedule a meeting with me here.

Fun facts:

  • I love chips – all the chips. If you have a favorite kind, please share!
  • My idea of a good time is to bring together 3 or more people with urban planning backgrounds and ask them, “what is urban planning?”
  • Have scifi tv recommendations? Please let me know! :tv:

Hi everyone!

I’m the Senior Program Manager of the 2022 Impact Sprints! I manage the program’s day-to-day operations and provide direct support to each project team—striving to help each Brigade amplify the impact of their community partners. I’m driven by strategies that transform services to achieve equity in marginalized communities. Before this role, I designed several new initiatives in New York that helped residents access better health and social services. I’ll be working with the Network Team through December 2022 to support the Impact Sprint program.

Fun facts:

  • I love to travel :earth_asia:I’ve been to Mexico at least a dozen times, Europe, and South East Asia. I want to travel around South America next!
  • I have the cutest French Bulldog in the world (IMHO) :paw_prints:
  • I practice yoga and meditation, and I have a goal to become a certified yoga teacher

Hi everyone!

I’m really excited to join the Network team as the first ever Senior Network Events Manager. My job is to cultivate community-oriented spaces for the Network, coordinate in-person and virtual events such as meetups, Brigade Congress, and more. I’ll be working to develop a Network Events Strategy that connects the Network, our partners, and Code for America. I also support the design and implementation of new Network programs, like the Organizing Branches and Impact Sprints.

We’ve been long time peers as brigade leaders, so I’m really looking forward to supporting the Network by creating spaces where we all can learn, share and inspire each other. For those that I have yet to meet, here is a little background: I co-founded and leaded the Open Charlotte Brigade from 2013-2021, serving as a member and chair on the National Advisory Council from 2016–2019, and was a Community Fellow program in 2019.

Some fun facts:

  • I’m currently teaching my cat, Zuma, to speak Spanish.
  • I’m a total travel fanatic and have been to all seven continents and over 80 countries.
  • I’m a certified Dive Master and love exploring underwater caves. :diving_mask:


I’m the Senior Partnerships Manager on the Network Team. I lead the Network in cultivating impactful partnerships on both the local and national levels. My day-to-day involves leading the development of the Partner Service Branch and creating resources that help Brigades develop sustainable partnerships. I’m also a former co-captain at Code for Denver. Reach out to me here to discuss ways to further your partnership goals!

Fun facts:

  • I love to share random facts. Did you know the average cumulus cloud weighs about 1.1 million pounds? :exploding_head:
  • I am REALLY in to roller skating and practice almost every day
  • One of my goals is to become fluent in Spanish… eventually