Creating a Brigade-Wide Project Index [Brigade Congress 2019]

This is a placeholder for notes and discussion about the Brigade Congress 2019 session:

Session: Creating a Brigade-Wide Project Index
Presented by: Bonnie Wolfe (Hack for LA), Colin King-Bailey (OpenOakland), Chris Alfano (Code for Philly)

Notes Document:

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Next Steps

  • Give lightning workshop at your brigade on topic tags (message @ExperimentsInHonesty and she will make you a custom slide deck)
  • Join project index working group
    • Meets online every other Sunday to work on the tools
  • Join us on Slack at #brigade-project-index
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@ExperimentsInHonesty @ckingbailey @chris - Here is the notes thread for your unconference session, please update it with any notes, links, etc. that exist from your session.

Here’s the New York Times collaborative “documentation site” which is google docs based. I personally have dug very far into it yet, but people on my team have and will be using this tool to collect and introduce projects. Your github searcher could sit at the top of that site and it can be used to tell the story of the projects as well and easily include or link to outside resources that were used and collect onboarding materials. I think it could be more approachable for less techy folks.

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Here’s a document I made recently and forgot about that should be helpful for anyone looking to wrap their head around the overall technical architecture I think we’re aiming for right now:

Reminders that we have a 6pm (PST) meeting about to start for anyone interested.

For info on how to call in, please check cfa slack #brigade-project-index.

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