Slack Best Practices for Volunteers

Communicating with Others

When joining a Channel, check out the channel’s topic, description, pinned messages, and shortcut workflows

  • This is the very first thing to check out in a channel! You’ll find the most relevant info saved to the top of the channel.
  • Search channels for answers before posting questions.

Thread. :thread: Thread. :thread: Thread. :thread:

  • A thread is perhaps the most critical way to collaborate effectively in Slack. It’s a reply to a specific message that’s grouped together within that message. Threading messages in Slack can reduce noisy channels, help your team collaborate better, and allows you to come back to message later on and comment.

Use @ Mentions and Reactions when responding to messages

  • Use emojis as a quick way to reply to someone and respond to their message. Emoji reactions are both fun and helpful — a simple emoji reaction like :thumbsup: or :eyes: can often replace the need for a follow-up message.
  • Avoid @here or @channel !!!

Follow a thread to stay looped into the conversation. Or Unfollow if it’s too noisy!

  • In a Thread > click the triple dots > Get notified about new replies (or Turn off new replies)

Personalizing Slack

Customize Sidebar Sections

  • This is a personalization (only you will see the sidebar set up how you have it organized)
  • Create sidebar sections to stay organized and quickly find channels
  • Right click > Create new section

Split view might just be the best new feature!

  • See two views side-by-side in Slack’s desktop experience, reducing constant context switching and giving you more control in arranging your conversations on desktop.
  • Right Click > Open in Split View

Mute non-urgent channels to keep noise to a minimum

  • This is a personalization (only you will stop getting notifications for this channel)
  • Right click > Mute Channel

Turn off Animated Emoji

  • This is a personalization (only you will see animations turned off)
  • Preferences > Accessibility >Animation > Allow animated images

Use History to find recently viewed messages or channels

  • Click the clock icon next to the Search bar to find the last few channels or messages you’ve viewed

Save messages and files in Slack to easily come back to them later

  • This is a personalization (only you will see these items as saved)
  • Hover over any message > click the bookmark icon
  • Find bookmarks in Saved Items at the top of the Channel Browser (top left of the Slack window)

Setting up and Managing a Channel

Set up the channel’s topic, description, pinned messages, and shortcut workflows to help others understand the channel’s purpose and how to use it.

  • When making new channels, remember to Pin important messages, Bookmark messages and links (you can even make folders!), and set up workflows, if needed.
  • This is a channel customization (items that are pinned or bookmarked are available for everyone in the channel)

Expert Tips

Keyword notifications

  • Get notified about topics that are important to you
  • Preferences > Notifications > My Keywords

Send messages later using Scheduled Send

  • Desktop: Click the drop-down next to the send button to select when you’d like to schedule your message. You can pick from a preselected time or enter a custom one.
  • Mobile: Long-press on the send button to open up those same scheduling options

Got a loooong message? Create a post instead!

  • Instead of writing a message, give readers the ability to expound an contract the details using the Create Post shortcut (from the + button)

Additional Slack Resources

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