Single-Page Jekyll Template for NDoCH Events



Hey hey!

Feel free to fork and reuse this Jekyll site we used for Hack for Savannah '17 – it’s single-page, has Eventbrite integration, and should be easy to customize.

View it live

Happy forking! :fork_and_knife:


Some meta: What’s the connection to summit-2018 (it has that tag currently)? Also I wonder if this might better go in the projects/ready-to-redeploy category or event-planning category. I’m leaning towards event-planning. @carlvlewis @tdooner what do you think? Our taxonomy gets tested!


It’s about time the taxonomy gets tested!!! :muscle:


The only connection, @chris, is that it was the only tag available at the time!


Also, I agree. Best in redeployable


I think a mod has to move it?


Or no I just need to consolidate accounts…


I’m going to move to Event Planning for now since it’s more material for producing a brigade event than a brigade project itself


Since I can’t get into the right account, thanks!