Redeploying the data and donuts model


Data and donuts is a monthly speaker series that brings together LA City and County staff to share successful uses of data to improve public service delivery.

This model provides a useful forum for practitioners to share tips and inspire others to level up their civic data science skills.

In addition, Data and Donuts put on a highly successful two day training event at the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG):

Both of these formats would be useful in other metropolitan areas that are looking to encourage collaboration across bureaucratic siloes and better use public data.

How might the Brigade network help encourage that? This redeployment would implement several important Public Technology Principles.

In particular it would help implement principle two for a brighter future on stewarding public data as a public resource.

In addition it would help implement principles 2 and 3 of effective government on opening and standardizing public data.

The hope is that these Public Technology Principles and examples like the Data and Donuts model can be a call to action in other cities and uplift our collective work.


just a hat tip, but a little bird told me that School of Data was a ‘fork’ of an event first run by BetaNYC in 2018 geared more toward the public.


Also I could be mistaken, but I think the idea sharing has flowed the other way with the recent launch of BetaBagels in NYC. Could be an independent creation but the model seems very similar to Data + Donuts :slight_smile:


There’s a lot of cross-inspiration :smiley: I’d be happy to talk about our LA events if anyone has questions!