Proposed BAT - Solutions Journalism

Solutions Journalism

Mission: To support and collaborate on projects that enable journalism that focuses on solutions, not just problems.

We will build the framework for a expandable repository, capable of storing and cross referencing a variety of types of information about individuals in health care related organizations, including their businesses, affiliations and charitable and political contributions. It will offer public visitors the ability to explore connections, and for professional journalists to both contribute to the knowledge base and request reports. The initial set of individuals will be gleaned from the 990s of health related nonprofits.

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Having worked in solutions journalism spaces, I endorse this BAT 100 percent.

Sounds like a good BAT. @janmic, can you clarify what 'focusing on solutions" vs “just problems” looks like? Also, can you add more context as to whether this will be a health care specific project? The current description implies that (which doesn’t feel aligned with the broader mission.

There is a journalism-specific meaning to the use of “solutions” In this context that @carlvlewis is much better equipped to explain, and there’s a range of project types that might be created to support journalists’ work.
The Tarbell organization is small and new, and so has concentrated its efforts so far on the area where their founder has the most expertise, which is health care - specifically the business parts. The repository idea is a sprawling one, but we’d need to start with some fairly narrow focus to choose data for initial population, so this is the source that Tarbell thinks would be good to start with.

Here’s another new way a “repository” is being used: