Notes from Summit 2018 town hall

Originally posted in Slack by @tdooner

Things to improve for next year:

  • Nick (btv): recordings of breakouts
  • Sabrah: accessibility of venue
  • Melinda (Pittsburgh): use a Google doc for documentation
  • Barry (SF): challenging the distancing from shaping policy - move more into activism
  • Harlan : get more lawmakers here
  • Michelle (redwood City) : have breakouts for city planners and attorneys, get technologists on those panels around key issues
  • get professional credits for attendance (Dave G from Open Data Delaware suggested that there were even such credits for … political aides or something… should check with him)
  • Peter (ex government employee): government employees going back to their jobs and arm them with a toolkit to convince co-workers
  • Derek (AZ): inclusion needs to continue after the event
  • Natalie (Orlando): west coast conferences are harder to travel to for east coasters
  • Melissa (Richmond): office hours of Civic design people in NYC is cool idea, perhaps adopt it as a chance to learn about UX disciplines
  • July (Denver) : scholarships for students (esp. low income) to attend
  • Jerry (San Diego) : military presentation was troubling

Hopes for the future:

  • @jhibbets (Raleigh): excited for fellowship
  • a guy from canadian: attend a hypothetical future event that they host
  • Seth (formerly Googler): wants to work on election integrity and see SoS
  • Ashley (SF DS): public should demand better. NRA for civic tech :yum:
  • Ori (Menlo Park): teaching processes back at home - plug for reporting kit
  • @elb (Maine) - smaller cities / rural areas
  • Lou (mayor St Mary’s PA): connecting small cities
  • Diana (Muskogee): rural collaboration on slack
  • Rachel (salt lake): league of city and towns relationship? Digital government magazine?
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