2018 Code for America Summit

The Code for America Summit is upon us!

Here are resources to tie everything together:

NAC Summit Wiki: http://c4a.me/summit
Opt-In Contact Sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1EQSJ6bW8oJUnj9GMzu8h8x6-GGCKs1qAY9suWK9IalQ/edit#gid=0

Brigade Day

Brigade Day is the first day of Summit: Wednesday, May 30, 2018.

All Brigade Day events will take place in the Junior Ballroom, which is right by the escalator on the 2nd Floor.

For the latest Brigade Day schedule, check out the schedule page on the Wiki.

Keeping Discussions Going

We set up this forum so as to create a digital space to continue discussions from Summit. Post your talk notes into the appropriate category and tag the post with “summit-2018”!

Watch The Recordings

The main stage was recorded and posted on YouTube. Watch the whole playlist on YouTube.

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Hey @tdooner, can you add the video links to your post too? I think this might be the best place to put those.

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I broke out all the videos so I could do something mindless for a few minutes and make them more searchable


This is great @chris - what about the filler videos … for example before Jen took the stage on Day 1 there was a video with her talking about her background. There was another video of this sort part way through the Day 1 main stage stuff… and on Day 2 they used the video from Brigade Congress. While I can add the Brigade Congress video, where are the other two? Are they already published? if so, which were they?