January 16, 2020: Maintaining Viability and Momentum in Open Source Projects

Join us this coming Thursday, January 16 at 10:30 PM UTC for our Code for All peer learning session on Maintaining Viability and Momentum in Open Source Projects (in other words, how to make it really easy to hand off and introduce new members to your projects)

Our host is Bonnie Wolfe (@ExperimentsInHonesty) of Hack for LA

During her first hack night at Hack for LA, Bonnie found it challenging to jump right into projects because it wasn’t clear how or where to get started. As she became more involved with Hack for LA, she decided to come up with a strategy for making this process easier for both civic tech organizers and new members attending hack nights. The strategy she came up with and its results is what will be talked about in our upcoming peer learning session.

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Here is a link to free tickets to the event: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/maintaining-viability-and-momentum-in-open-source-projects-tickets-89676923091

Is there a recording of this workshop? This sounds like a great listen!

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