Impact Cascade Challenge

Hi Everyone,

As you may remember, last month Mary Joyce of Open Seattle and Do Big Good hosted an impact measurement webinar.

Here are the materials:

At the webinar, we launched the Impact Cascade Challenge, a project to pilot impact measurement for the Brigade Network by asking interested Brigades to create one (1) impact cascade before Brigade Congress in October. In order to help structure the Challenge, Mary has provided a timeline and additional details below:


  1. August 23 : Select your project, share it on #brigade-impact

  2. September 6 : Complete your cascade in the shared deck, where you can also view example cascades from other Brigades

  3. September 9 - October 11 : Co-design the reflection sessions with Mary and her team (optional)

  4. October 18-20 : Reflect at Congress (in-person or virtual)


To clarify what projects are appropriate for an impact cascade, here are some examples:

  • A housing application that improves the application process for affordable housing
  • Re-Entry Roadmap, a mobile-friendly personalized step-by-step guide to re-entry after incarceration
  • A set of paper resource guides about how to deal with flooding in a coastal area
  • You can also create a cascade for a smaller piece of a project, such as user research or journey mapping.

It is best to create a cascade during the planning phase of a project, since the cascade is itself a project planning tool, but you can also use a cascade to structure a project that has already begun.

Feel free to message Mary on the #brigade-impact channel or via personal Slack message if you have any questions. She is also available to do video support calls to help you create your cascade.

Mary - can you post more examples, please? Still seeing if we can get one sketched out at Code for Durham