How to Handle AmazonSmile Donation Requests for Brigades

While we generally direct supporters to the Brigade donation portal, some folks also wish to support our Brigade through their Amazon purchases. The AmazonSmile program lists Code for America among its eligible organizations. There appears to be very little support information about AmazonSmile for Brigades.

In 2018, Christopher Whitaker posted in Slack, stating that there isn’t a way to distinguish which Brigades should receive donations from third parties such as Facebook or Amazon Smile. The process for fundraising through Facebook has changed since then.

Although organizations receive 0.5% of qualified AmazonSmile purchases, the donations add up over time with frequent shoppers. For instance, a Code for Orlando volunteer gradually generated at least $93 for another local organization through AmazonSmile.

What recent information have you found regarding how to handle AmazonSmile donation requests? Is it possible to consider AmazonSmile as an additional fundraising source for Brigades?

Correction: An earlier version of this post misstated that a volunteer generated at least $233 through AmazonSmile. The contribution amount is $93 out of $233 in total made by the volunteer and other customers.