[Deadline May 3] Request for Proposals: Grace Hopper Open Source Day 2019


Hi everyone! We got a note from the fine folks organizing Grace Hopper Open Source Day 2019 (Thursday, October 3rd in Orlando, FL) which is concurrent with the annual Grace Hopper Celebration mega-conference. From the organizers:

OSD is a one day coding event where conference participants get hands-on experience making open source contributions. We’re looking for open source humanitarian projects that can send two project representatives to GHC 2019. Conference registration will be covered by OSD, but not airfare and accommodations. Project representatives can anticipate being on-site all day for the OSD event (October 3rd 2019 in Orlando, FL), but are otherwise encouraged to enjoy the conference (Oct 1-4).

Each project should have enough work for the one-day event for at least 8 participants, and be willing to handle up to 25. The projects will need to be accessible to participants who have no prior open source experience.

For some context, here’s an interview with one of our past partner projects, talking about their experience:
And the wiki page from last year’s event:

How Brigades can get involved:
The GHC organizing team is looking for projects that may be great to work on at this conference. It could be a great opportunity for your project to get some attention and external collaborators.

Why is this important?
I wouldn’t post this for just anyone, but GHC is a huge opportunity to bring new folks into the civic tech network, and it’s likely that their work will be able to provide a big boost to your project as well.

Ok, sign me up
Here’s the application form. The deadline is Friday, May 3.


Update from the organizers:

If any brigade is interested, please let them know that a rought/draft submission is fine- getting the information on time is more important for us than a perfect proposal. We’re asking for responses by this Friday, May 3rd: https://forms.gle/CygQsVXY9Bb1FxKn6