Common projects taxonomy

Many projects around the network are looking at building standard taxonomies for the skills/roles/technologies/interests that can connect projects and members

I kicked off one such effort at summit a couple years ago on CfA’s GitHub (and promptly waited for the crowd to pick it up and finish it)

Let’s collect all the know efforts in this space here and edit this topic into a wiki mapping out the work already being done. Reply to report any materials/resources/efforts you know about or can find! Hopefully this can be a first step in bringing this efforts together towards a common taxonomy that could link projects and members across brigades and make it easier to share tools

Taxonomy Efforts Across the Network


Here’s a link to a compilation of our post-it notes from our unconference session:

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I think when we’re working on this taxonomy, we should endeavor to start with taxonomies that work to describe our existing projects.

To that end, Civic Tech Field Guide has been mapping and categorizing projects for a couple years now and we could build off that work.

This discussion on GitHub with adds the Civic Tech Field Guide’s category scheme as another contender for our starting point, with some very insightful feedback from one of the maintainers:

In my mind this set is the frontrunner now for seeding/modeling the brigade network’s