CfA Brigade Code for Philly project "CyclePhilly" recently published in Journal of Safety Research

Happy New Year friends!!

I am pleased to share with the CfA community some exciting news!
Code for Philly brigade project CyclePhilly trip data was used in a recent study, published in the Journal of Safety Research.
Using CyclePhilly data to assess wrong-way riding of cyclists in Philadelphia

This is an exciting achievement, and shows what is possible when just a few fearless cyclist, in Philadelphia and beyond, collaborate and really have a positive impact on the community! As quoted from the publication, “This study is the first study that uses a naturalistic dataset by utilizing app-based and crowdsourced data (CyclePhilly and Open Streets) to develop anew framework to identify aberrant cyclists’ behavior, like wrong-way riding.”

Thank you to the many fearless cyclists in Philadelphia for making this study possible. A free download of the publication is available at the link above until Feb. 1st, 2019.

Lloyd E.