Capturing the Code for America Volunteer Experience


The CfA Network Team is aiming to make the volunteer experience more seamless by collecting feedback from our volunteer community.

Our goal is to gather our volunteers’ perspective on their current experience joining and being involved in the Network, as well as understand what would make their experience better and more engaging overall. Learn more about the Network here.

There are two versions of this activity for in-person Brigade Congress participants and virtual participants.

How to Participate

Fill out the four question survey here.

Q: How will my response be used?

We will be using the insights from the responses to identify what areas of the experience our team will prioritize working on to improve in the next year while we continue to work on the registered volunteer experience in parallel.

It is designed to be anonymous, however, we do understand that sharing your volunteer experience may still provide information that will identify your response. Responses to this activity, in-person and virtual, will only be accessed by the Network Team and other CfA staff collaborators.

Activity Collaborators: Mari Miranda (Lead), Kelly Benton, Sung Kim
Have any questions or suggestions? Or are you interested in being in the loop about the CfA volunteer experience revamp? Email Mari at

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I really appreciate this statement about how responses will be used, and hope it becomes a model for future Network surveys!

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