Brigades That Get Paid To Do Things - What Are The Rules and Expectations?

I heard that some brigades are paid by the city to put on events for the city. I’m curious if brigades are ever paid for their project work? What are the rules and expectations here?


I’m curious to hear more about this too.

Just to leave this here, this document represents the financial procedures that are available to your brigade in accepting funding.

Charlotte is paid for our projects that are brought to us by the City. It ranges from $1500-$9500 per year, depending on the project.

We also get paid to organize community events for the City and other community organizations.

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What is the payment covering? Is it a donation to the brigade? Are any members receiving payment for their services? Thanks!

@de_mcdougs has overseen a project in Philly that might be a bit of a unique case and have some interesting lessons to share

Hey. Some of our projects get yearly support from the government department that works with us on it. For example we have a project with our police department to help modernize their Christmas Gift program. This isn’t normally the type of project that we work on but it has been a great introduction into the police department.

They donate $1500 each year to the brigade to support the project. The money goes to the hosting fees for the project and then the rest is put in the brigade fund that pays for food, drinks, venue and swag.

We have received grants that allowed us to contract with brigade members for aspects of a project. We have received a grant to do focus groups that spurred a brigade project or to create an MVP that has turned into a brigade project. Contract work does NOT happen side by side with volunteer brigade work. It is not done at Community Action Nights and has a clearly defined time box and scope.

That is just a couple of examples.

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Thanks! That helps. I’m coordinating a new project that might be a good candidate for receiving a donation to the brigade. Also, we’ve talked about the possibility of a paid position related to another new project. All new territory for me!

Awesome. Feel free to reach out or ping me here if you have any questions as you get into the thick of it. We are very upfront with our brigade as to the opportunities and where the line is so we’ve never had any push back or hard feelings about paid vs volunteer.I believe that transparency is the key. I think someone on here is a link to our SVE (Skilled Volunteer Engagement agreement) that we sign with each project. That also helps (and you’re welcome to borrow from it if you like).