Brigades & Maps: A tour of what we have built & why [Brigade Congress 2020]

  • Brigades & Maps: A tour of what we have built & why
    Kate Hanson


Does your map work as a printed product?

  • People should be able to print your map if that best meets their needs.
  • +1 for printing. A lot of “executive” type people need print versions.
  • In the rural areas where there isn’t mobile data, a lot of it is desktops and printing, so both are just a important as the other.
  • A lot of service organizations are still paper based and do a lot of engagement by handing out paper flyers and resources. They are able print centrally and then distribute printed resources in their field work.
  • You can use the print media query in CSS to make sure your maps print nicely, and don’t conflict with your interactivity styles!
  • Test your map in multiple formats! Mobile, tablet, desktop… and printed!

What about mobile access on low-data or older phones?

  • Do maps on mobile work for people with low data plans?
  • The lowest common denominator for tech is smart phones, but there are some people who don’t adopt smart phones… and then they get locked out of mobile only options. It is not a scale … like “if you have a computer, you have a smart phone…” it can actually still be one or the other. Yet… most of the needy populations we target are mostly likely to have smart phones.

What about accessibility and screen readers?

  • Anyone thought about a map2audio lib like in python or java?

Other great points:

  • Thinking from an architectural standpoint, app integration map with route with local-embedded (like a streetsign) would be cool.
  • Maps as data ownership:
  • Don’t mislead with maps. For example, don’t show counts of people or instances over land where the land isn’t relevant. (e.g. can’t believe there’s so much [feature of your choice] in that city and nothing in the surrounding rural regions).

Post-Presentation Needs:

  • Add Recording
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Here’s the recording (participants are incidentally blacked out, sorry, putting an image of the people with video on at one point here, in lieu):

Recording of this lightning talk: