Balancing being a brigade lead / project lead

Earlier in the month, I met with @elb, @Bonnie, @tim as I sought pointers on how captains balanced simultaneously being project leads. Thanks you all, and everyone who chimed in via Slack, for your advice!


Open Austin has a nascent project in which – since as captain I’ve been the stakeholder liaison and the person with the firmest grasp on the potential shape of the work – I’m also the de facto project lead. How can I change this, and into what?

Takeaways and Raw Notes

  • Finding a project manager (stars on other projects) to replace the brigade captain’s tactical involvement is critical
  • Strategic involvement and stakeholder management should still be the responsibility of the brigade captain to
    • (a) maintain stability, reliability, and continuity for the stakeholder
    • (b) manage organization reputation
  • Having organization-level goal(s) will help you determine which pieces in the above points make the most sense for you

You can view the raw notes in this Google Doc: 2020-05-07: Balancing being a brigade lead / project lead. Thanks Tim for note-taking with me!