Apr 6, 2021 NAC Meeting & Agenda

Agenda: April 6th Meeting

Synopsis: This meeting was dedicated to welcoming the incoming 2021 NAC and planning the NAC on/offboarding conference to be held this coming Saturday April 10th.

This meeting included members of both the current and incoming NAC members as well as CfA Network Team members.


  • Community agreements, wherein participants shared norms that they would like to uphold during NAC engagements.
  • Overview of the official role of NAC members
  • Infrastructure, travel, coaching and staffing resources provided to NAC by CfA
  • NAC on/offboarding “unconference” session pitches for April 10th event

Attendees: Bonnie, Ben, Hashim, Melanie, Meredith, Veronica, Filsan, Ceci, Em, Janet, Stephen, Erik, Froilán, Tyrek, Micah, Annie, Patrick C, Thad, Irit