Question for NC network members' and State Open Records' laws

Does NC’s State Open Records’ law have any specific clause in it in regards to whether government-produced software is considered in the public domain?

Some states do. Others not so sure about. If it’s a vendor product, of course, that wouldn’t count.

I ask because NC’s Flood Inundation Mapping and Alert Network built by the NC Floodplain Mapping Program is a super stunning and innovative tool that, according to our Emergency Management Authority, is the envy of other EMS’ across the country right now.

If it’s possible to request the source code via public records, we’d totally want in on that. But I’m not sure about the law surrounding software code and public records in NC.


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Carl - not sure. Will check with a colleague who I think will know -

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Hey there! Did you get a chance to check with Shannon? I can shoot her an email if that’s easier. LMK. Thanks, @JBStephens!