Priority Action Area: Creating Pathways to Record Clearance

Brigades have launched many projects to help people in their communities with the process of getting their records cleared. We want to continue to make an impact in this space where we can make a unique impact, whether it is in the area of fines and fees or helping local government identify records that are eligible for clearance.

Let us know if you’re working on a project related to record clearance! We will update this page with information about Creating Pathways to Record Clearance as a Priority Action Area as it develops.

I’m interested in helping with this! Do I have to be a coder?

Hi Emily, no you don’t! If you email us at, and let us know where you’re located, we can help get you connected to your local Brigade and some of the projects that are currently going on.

Awesome! My closest Brigade is San Jose

Awesome! Please email us at, so we can connect you with the fantastic leaders of Code for San Jose! Additionally, here is a link to their Meetup page so you can attend one of their upcoming virtual meetings.

Hi, I am part of RTC and we are working on a Project for Clearing pathways for record clearance for Code for America. My team and I had a few questions regarding the direction to head in. We were wondering what are the existing projects in record clearance. Our project idea was to create a more streamlined process for record clearance in the state of Texas.

  • Can we do a sort of pre-screening/ redirecting website design?
  • Do you have any Texas lawyers or officials as a contact, through code for America?
  • What are the bottlenecks in the existing record clearance systems?
    We are currently researching more on the record clearance process and was wondering if you could assist us with a bit more clarity on record clearance. Thank you.