Open Raleigh community action plan exercise from CfA Summit 2018

Project goal: Diversity of Brigade membership
The diversity of gender, skill level, accessibility, and race/ethnicity.

List of everyone involved in this goal:

  • Brigade leadership
  • Brigade members
  • City & county staff
  • Girl Develop It
  • All Things Open
  • Various NC Brigades
  • Sponsors/ partners for NC Open Pass

Who is the project for?

  • The brigades (now and future)
  • People helped by brigade work
  • Event attendees/participants
  • City/County government
  • Citizens of the city/county

Who is the project really for?

  • For Brigade leadership team
  • For projects - better fit with segments of the community
  • People in the Brigade
  • Project and teams in the brigade – those directly affected (to get new perspectives/backgrounds)

Specific step for “diversity” outreach, partnership
Girl Develop It

  • They have women learning to develop coding skills at various levels
  • We have projects they could join to apply/enhance coding skills
  • We could attend their leadership meetings
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