June 18: Preparing for NDoCH



The “Preparing for NDoCH Workshop” is next Monday, June 18, at 7pm ET!! We want to have a lively and interactive discussion, and would love to have a couple more folks present on how their Brigades put together their NDoCH events. If you’d like to present, please ping me on Slack or shoot me an email at veronica@codeforamerica.org.


If anyone knows of any strong NDoCH events that have been run by brigades in the past, please shout them out here!


Open Uptown had an event with the Chicago Public Library for NDoCH 2017!


@csethna do you have any promotional materials or photos/docs/prezos online anywhere still?


Join the workshop tonight and talk about what you did! I’m sure folks would love to hear about how you planned for the event and lessons you learned.
Register here! https://codeforamerica.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_wsh5w5ciRuORvYpr4Y2BNA