In-kind sponsorship from tech companies

I’m building a catalog of in-kind sponsorship from tech companies at Code for All Resources page. It contains hosting, communication, designing, development, etc.

Sometimes they offer full service for free, sometimes these are discounts.

Let me know if you want to add something there. As it is now called “Recommended Software” having a while I might start adding open-source software there as well. If you have time, send a pull request.


This is awesome! Thanks for that.

If any Brigades would find any of these resources helpful, ping me in this thread and we’ll figure out how to go forward from there.

Hey I saw that AWS 2000 credits. When I went to the page it just asked me to talk to their nonprofit team. Do brigades have to do that individually? Has CFA done it for us?

Are those AWS credits per-year like the Azure ones or one-time?

Code for America already receives significant in-kind support from AWS in the form of credits. It is unlikely to be helpful (and potentially may be unhelpful) for Brigades to approach AWS on their own to request support.
We are working on a process by which we can distribute these credits to Brigades (likely on a per-project basis). If you would like to be part of that initiative, email me and we’ll get a conversation going.

Perfect. Thats what I thought, just wanted to confirm. And yes I do want to be a part of that!


Any non-profit, in US 501c3 are eligible for that, it’s a process handled by Techsoup. What I got from @tdooner is that CfAmerica is negotiating a big package for all brigades, so you have it out of the box without even going through that process. Cool beans!


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Hi @tdooner! A group of us from Data Science Working Group and affiliated project at Code for San Francisco is interested in using AWS. In particular, we’re doing some NLP on Twitter data, and we figure that services like Amazon Comprehend: would be super useful. I’ll also shoot you an email per your instructions!