Distinguishing Between Brigade "Sanctioned"/"Official" Projects and other Projects

Hello Brigade Network!

I am on the Core Team of a new brigade in Milwaukee, and we are trying to make decisions on how projects either receive extra resource support from or become owned/managed by the core team vs those that simply have dedicated time and space at a hack night. I was wondering if other core teams make these distinctions and how.

Some things we have been considering with respect to this idea are:

  1. The political nature of a project, and our pledge to be non-partisan
  2. Our responsibility to serve the community, this cannot be completely apolitical at all times
  3. Resource constraints
  4. Making sure core-team commitments are manageable and sustainable (as far as how many projects we are providing extra support or mgmt support to)

Any advice or thoughts would be very helpful!

Thank you very much,


Hey @Andrewyaz, welcome to Discourse!

You’re posting in the right place-- this is a common topic in the Brigade Network.

The current Brigade policies around this have been indexed in this Discourse topic:

There is probably quite a bit more discussion to have though, as those resources probably don’t directly answer all of your questions!

I touch on this topic a bit in the Civic Cloud proposal:

I think an important dimension to a project becoming an “official” brigade project should be ensuring a complete technical handoff of the deployment process and accounts. That means taking projects to a point where the whole original dev team can cancel an their credit cards a disappear without the project’s online components going down, and that a new volunteer could show up and open a PR and the brigade can ship that without the original team

The norm these days is brigades can’t and don’t keep anything online after the original devs disengage, and that severely hinders our reputations in our communities and the good faith available to future projects

Great. Thank you for directing me to all that great institutional knowledge.i will definitely go through the materials and post follow up questions in the thread