Community Slack Guidelines

Community Slack Updates: April 2021

This will serve as a community resource to allow for shared use of our Slack workspace.

  • The Code for America Network Team proactively monitors the following channels in addition to channels where Network Staff are actively working on projects:

    • #brigade; #brigade-leadership; #brigade-website; #brigade-wins; #general-discussion; #new-member; #random; #network-revisioning
  • Do you spot a post that could use clarification or input from staff? Use the :staff-help-please: emoji and our automation will send to a specific channel for us to triage requests. You can also tag the whole team directly at @brigade_staff

    • Note that this automation only works in the public channels we’ve identified as key channels to triage and monitor. Those channels are: #brigade; #brigade-leadership; #brigade-website; #brigade-wins; #general-discussion; #new-member; #random; #network-revisioning
  • We’re committed to creating a safe environment. If you spot any violations of our code of conduct, email or use the Slack @safespace.

Thank you for being a part of our shared space!