CNCF TOC Principles: A hardened template for the relationship between brigades and their members' projects?


Can you explain a bit more?

What is the CNCF? What is TOC? How do you see the parallels between CNCF and a Brigade (personally it seems quite different to me).


Good questions! I’m by no means an expert on CNCF, I’m only aware of them in passing and this is the first I’ve seen of TOC. I’ve only looked through this once and don’t have specific recommendations for brigades in mind from it yet, but wanted to bookmark it for others sooner than later

The [CNCF is a program of the nonprofit Linux Foundation] ( it provides an institutional home to open source projects powering the container movement.

What strikes me as comparable to brigades:

  • CNCF operates under a set of principals to advance a common cause, as does a brigade
  • CNCF operates an open and inclusive process for accepting projects that align with their mission/principles
  • Accepted projects gain a badge of added stability and reliability for their users by making the projects “ownership” clear
  • Projects are granted a high level of autonomy to self-administer and grow their own leadership structure, but there are bounds and potential interventions

They seek to provide a home for projects that grant them an existence beyond their founders, to support those projects while staying mostly out of their way, but ultimately govern them

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