Slack Channel Index [Wiki]

Hey everyone. I’ve been compiling a list of Slack Channels for some time and would like to open it up to crowdsourced collaboration. The eventual goal here is to ensure people who join the CfA Slack can find channels they’re interested in (perhaps through a better onboarding experience by Slackbot when they join??!?)

But for now, let’s create a list of public channels and a short description of why someone should join each one. I’ve taken the liberty of grouping them into a few categories based on the channels that I found… but of course happy to reevaluate.

Open Questions for everyone reading:

  1. Are there any other active channels that you like that aren’t listed here?
  2. How can we make sure that newcomers to our Slack community are able to be welcomed into these channels?

Slack Channel Index

Default channels:

By default everyone is a member of these channels.

  • #brigade
  • #announcements
  • #general-discussion
  • #random

NAC Region/Geographic Channels:

Channels where Brigades (or people generally) in a specific area can collaborate on regional challenges.

  • #west-brigades
  • #midwest-brigades
  • #northeast-brigades
  • #south-brigades
  • #open-ca-collaborative
    Open California Collaborative (Brigades in California).
  • #florida
  • #east-bay
    Brigades in (and general discussion about) the Eastern side of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Topic Channels:

These are places where the conversation is around a broad issue or the conversation is largely around one specific goal.

  • #policy-politics
  • #housing-security
  • #climate-crisis
  • #jobs-for-america
  • #opendata

Communities of Practice:

Let’s get better, together. These channels create a safe space for asking for help and learning from each other.

  • #accessibility
  • #design
  • #design-and-research

Brigade Collaboration Channels:

The Code for America Slack is the best place for Brigade members and leaders to work together. These are the channels where that all happens.

  • #bat-* (digital inclusion, ifoundadog)
  • #brigade-leadership
  • #brigade-wins
  • #brigade-newsletters
  • #brigade-tweets
  • #brigade-impact
  • #civic-cloud
  • #cross-brigade-collab
  • #hurricane_api
  • #small-brigades


When something’s happening, people are discussing it in these Slack channels.

  • #summit2019
  • #brigade-congress
  • #brigade-webinar
  • #ndoch-day-of-hacking


And why not have some fun while we’re at it?

  • #adorable-animals
  • #internet-videos
  • #baby-pictures

This is a good resource. Can you remove the two pins that are in the general channel and replace it with a link to this?

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