Session types for Brigade Congress

This is a discussion on the types of sessions to have at Brigade Congress, and how we may divide this content committee into subcommittees determined by type. Here are examples:

Program types and roles:

  • Keynote subcommittee
  • Training subcommittee
  • Unconference subcommittee
  • Operations subcommittee
    • Making recommendations on accessibility
    • Implementing documentation guidelines

Please add your discussion items as a reply to this topic and we will incorporate it in the next meeting Agenda.

Is Operations like a workshop for implementation? or like a workshop for policy? Or not a workshop? :slight_smile:

Iʻd be interested in a “Story Circle” kind of sessions geared at creating space for sharing relevant experiences with personal or emotional impact.

Also “regional” sessions not necessarily to get people from the same region in the same room (although that is useful, too) but to to tease out and share about regional histories, regional differences, regional opportunities


oh, also, one other thing :slight_smile:
Would love to build on the decolonizing work from summits past. I think one way to think about this is as a content track. But I wonder if we could also think about decolonizing work as a fundamentally different program type