Project Frameworks/Guidelines/Checklists/etc

Based on recent Slack discussion, I put together a list:


Here’s OpenOakland’s How to be an OpenOakland Project page.

We don’t have as clear a process as many other Brigades, so we’ll be looking to adopt some thinking on this soon!

Added OpenOakland :+1:t4:

I alphabetized the list before adding Code for Philly so that I might resist the urge to add us to the top :smiley:


In a similar vein to civic.json, there’s publiccode.yml

Hi there, Code for Denver’s Members Project is in its super early stages, so this would probably give a better idea of our guidelines/checklists:

The first card in each column has info about each stage of the project life cycle as well as requirements.


@miklb pointed out this great readme template:

Here’s a handy collection of project documentation templates:

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I’m not sure how long this has been a thing, but GitHub published and supports a bunch of “community health” standards exactly like we were talking about:

So this makes figuring out how to standardize super easy…

For non-code projects, we could just publish repos on behalf of teams as at the least a means of documenting/publishing community health files

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