Index of Air Quality Projects

An index of all air quality monitoring projects in the network. Spreadsheet list via @jess


  1. Open Oakland —
  2. Code for South Florida —


  1. Louisville —
  2. Denver —
  3. NYC —


Join the Open Source Movement and learn how to get air quality sensors in your city. Email -->

Some of you might enjoy this video from teh Red Hat Open Source Stories team that highlights how citizen scientist are using open hardware to monitor air quality –

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Here’s a running list of AQ data related projects I’ve compiled over the past year (should be editable to add to; I’ll check to confirm that the links above are included):

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I helped build “” which is a clearinghouse for AQ projects by the Environmental Defense Fund.

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Some unshipped old Code for Philly efforts in this space that would-be hackers might find some useful scraps in:


@nFlourish Wow, this is new to me! Who did you work with at EDF? We’re working with some folks from there and I’m surprised no one’s mentioned it!