Index of Affordable Housing projects in the network (Help us keep this up to date!)

Let’s get a thread together of Affordable Housing projects in the network.

Here’s a starter list, please edit this post or reply with anything else you know of:

  • (being worked on) by (Code for America Fellows - Miami)
    We are building a non-profit service for finding and managing Affordable Housing units in Miami.
    See the website.

  • Housing Insights by (Code for DC)
    Housing Insights assembles essential information on subsidized affordable housing and connects it to relevant outside data, to support the work of the affordable housing community and decision makers.
    See the code.

  • Renter Right Guide by (Code for San Jose)
    Renter’s Rights Guide is a web application to help renters understand the laws and programs in place to protect them.
    See the code.

  • Housing Portal by (Open Austin)
    The Affordable Housing Search Tool Final is a mobile responsive web application created as part of a Code for America Community Fellowship in Austin TX.
    See the code.

  • Lexington Housing Dashboard by ( Code for Lexington)
    The Lexington Housing Data Dashboard is a tool designed for visualizing and understanding high-level trends in housing in Lexington-Fayette County. It was developed by the 2014 Lexington fellows.
    See the code.

I am collecting a list of Affordable Housing Projects as at Summit 2019 I heard a lot of feedback from 5-7 brigade project leads who wanted to redeploy what we create during our Fellowship project. This is an effort to be able to think broadly about a platform for Affordable Housing.

This was inspired by the Safety & Social Justice index