Climate Crisis [Wiki]: Why and How Code for America is Involved

What does Code for America have to do with the climate crisis? What might we do to help? Where is the fit?

This “project” is a collection of discussions, lists of resources, and exploration of why and how Code for America and the Brigades might support efforts to address the effects of the climate crisis. For example: How will the climate crisis effect social justice? How will government respond in a way that is equitable and democratic? What can the people and local, state, and national government do to best serve the people?

This project came out of the Summit 2019 “unconference” session.

This project is discussed in the June 6th 2019 Medium article by Rob Davis.

This project is related to the planning for a south region event.

The Code for America Slack channel for this project is #climate-crisis.

List of Related Code for America / Brigade Projects

List of Potentially Related Projects (add non-CfA projects here):

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Project Name: NEMAC-FernLeaf Collaborative
Short Description: The NEMAC-FernLeaf Collaborative is a public-private partnership that delivers resilience solutions. The collaborative provides two pathways to two separate entities’ collective capabilities and skill sets—through NEMAC, a university applied research center, or through FernLeaf Interactive, a private corporation. Our team co-developed the Federal resilience process for understanding risk and building resilience to natural hazards. We have partnered with Esri to tailor this process to the local government level on the ArcGIS platform. Our collaborative actively supports local-scale community resilience directly or in partnership with A&E firms throughout the United States.
Contact (Organization / Person): University of North Carolina at Asheville, National Environmental Modeling and Analysis Center (NEMAC) / Dave Michelson (Co-Founder and former Captain of Code for Asheville)

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List of related articles:

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