CfA Brigade Network Assets/Styles


Brigade network .png w/ transparent background:

May 25, 2018 7:04 PM


There are lots of goodies at too


Anyone know if there are digital versions of the stickers and graphics used at Summit?

The “Work on things that matter” for example?


How freely can brigades reuse CfA branding elements on projects, promotional materials, etc.?


@todrobbins I believe this is covered by the brigade MOU’s

@civicwhitaker can you lend the official answer?


Yes, if you’ve signed the MOU you’re able to use our branding.

I’ll grab the guidelines later today


Thanks @chris and @civicwhitaker!


So this is listed on the NDoCH page but I have never seen it before… posters!?


Anyone? Anyone? Bueler?


I have SVGs I recreated for some of them. Here are at least the No one is coming . . . it's up to us stickers…

You can open them in Creative Suite or Sketch to edit and take out our logo and replace with yours, obvs.


We’re working on updating these - by NDoCH we should have a toolkit that has all of our assets in one place in addition to some cool things for y’all


@carlvlewis Thanks for the SVG recreations … @civicwhitaker … the posters that are already on the NDoCH site are awesome … but more of these pre-made posters will be just great… so I’m excited to hear you’re working on it all!


We had a brigade leader meeting today, and we were discussing t-shirts for NDoCH and possibly using either the “nobody is coming…” or “work on things that matter” on the shirt.

A) is that OK?
B) Would the assets be available in time.

We certainly could use the phrase in a different script but would be nice to be consistent. UNLESS, there are better ND0CH graphics to use.


@civicwhitaker Is there a vector version of the brigade/network logo anywhere we can have access to?