Brigade Day at Summit Survey Results

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In May, Code for America hosted its 7th annual summit where leaders in the govtech and civic tech spaces come together to share ideas and push forward a movement.

To kick off the event, CfA hosted Brigade Training Day which was focused on providing brigade leaders professional development in the skillsets necessary to leading a brigade and cultivating a movement. NAC supported much of the programming and distributed a feedback survey shortly after the event.

It became very clear, very quickly that we need feedback from brigade leaders to shape the programming for Brigade Congress – which is coming soon!

In the meantime we wanted to share the insight we learned from this survey. To everyone who participated – thank you SO, SO much! Your insights have already been majorly helpful, and we encourage more of your thoughts and opinions at any point.

Check out the below to see what we learned.

  • We distributed this survey and received 37 responses from approximately 100 attendees (not including NAC and CfA staff)

  • Most respondents answered almost every question, which means that we were able to get a fairly good sense of pattens from the responses

  • For the most part, people found the programming for Brigade Day at Summit useful

  • The most useful programming was LaurenEllen’s workshop on showing up with compassion and maintaining your Code of Conduct. Alternatively, the afternoon session did not provide as much value for many attendees because it felt more confusing especially after a long day of sessions

  • Additionally, attendees appreciated how seriously CfA is handling CoC violations

  • There were also many opportunities for improvement. Though many attendees appreciated the concept behind brigade recognition and the regional ice breaker sessions, they could have been better executed. We’re learning from this time around, and we’re going to incorporate the specific feedback for future implementations of these concepts

  • We loved the lightning talks and NAC happy hour!! Pretty much across the board attendees enjoyed getting to hear about the success and experiments that are happening in other brigades. We’ve heard pretty consistently that brigades want to better utilize the insights discovered across the network. And on the other side, attendees enjoyed having unstructured time to hang out and get to know their fellow brigade members on a more personal level at the NAC happy hour

  • Unfortunately, there was a good amount of confusion about brigade-specific programming despite significant effort from CfA staff and NAC – we’re already exploring how we can work with the vendor to improve integrated

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