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Courtbot History and Evolution

These are the repos created (in chronological order) for Courtbot: 1. Atlanta (Github: codeforamerica/courtbot) This was the Original CfA fellowship project that kicked off the Courtbot redeployments. Features Appoin…

2 February 14, 2019
Courtbot Deployments

Working implementations: Atlanta (Project of 2014 CfA Fellowship) Ok Courtbot (Muskogee, Rogers, & Tulsa counties in Oklahoma) Participants Product Owner: Product Champion: Brigade Contacts: Matthew Williams (cfa s…

2 February 14, 2019
Courtbot Redeployment Guide

Redeployment Guide Stakeholders & Humans “People are excited about the tool but uptake of actual use is slow.” Brendan Babb, Code for Anchorage To date, none of the Courtbot deployments have been launched without f…

3 February 14, 2019
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