Priority Action Areas

Rapid Response Brigade members have been at the front lines for rapid response initiatives such as Hurricane Harvey , Maria, and more. In the year of the largest pandemic of decades, Brigades are again pooling their knowledge, resources, and know-how to help people in moments of crisis. Voting Rights It’s 2020 and the year of a major presidential election. There is a lot of energy around making sure that people feel safe and secure in the voting process, and who they are voting for. The Network has prioritized Voting Rights as a Priority Action Area to ensure that people have easy and safe access to exercise their right to vote? Record Clearance Brigades have launched many projects to help people in their communities with the process of getting their records cleared. We want to continue to make an impact in this space where we can make a unique impact, whether it is in the area of fines and fees or helping local government identify records that are eligible for clearance. Court Notifications Court Notification projects, like Courtbot, have been very effective projects in communities across the country; from Tulsa, OK to Anchorage, AK These projects transform the local criminal justice ecosystem by enabling text court notifications and updating the systems in which people can pay fines.
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